David Clendining

David Clendining is, and has always been, an artist. As a young boy in Calgary Alberta, David regularly was awarded top prizes in the Calgary Stampede’s student in the arts competitions. In his early teenage years, he and his family moved to Toronto where David became involved in theatre arts where he designed and helped build sets for several theatrical companies. During his late teens to early twenties David worked as an illustrator and had several art shows of his painting and sculptural works in several well-known Toronto galleries.

In the mid 1970’s David attended Ontario College of Art where he studied commercial art, illustration and bronze sculpture and casting. He also audited Sheridan college’s animation diploma program and University of Toronto medical illustration program. While in school David worked at Nelvana Animation Studios Toronto on several features such as Rock and Rule and Heavy Metal. He later also worked for Dick Williams Animation Studios in London England as a background illustrator and special FX animator. David completed his formal final year arts education with OCA with a scholarship to study in Florence Italy. While living in Italy he was invited to apprentice at the prestigious Anichini Sculpture Studio Firenzie. He was introduce to wood carving, stone carving and antique building restoration through this apprenticeship. While working at his apprenticeship and completing his final year at off campus OCA, David produced many illustrations, paintings and sculptures which were shown in several galleries throughout Europe.

In the early 1980’s David returned to Canada where he became a part time student at Lakehead University. He completed his BA in Historical and Social economics. At the same time he continued to produce illustrations for advertising firms, children’s books and worked as the art director for CKPR/CHFD TV.  Set design, illustration, advertising, production art and film production were his daily disciplines. While working at CKPR he was approached by W5 to do some court room illustrations for a particularly “news worthy” murder trial. That trial and those illustrations led to his being employed by CTV as a court room illustrator for many trials across Canada. This pathway led to a job as Art Director for the CTV network at CJOH TV Ottawa.

David remained at CJOH as Art director / Production Designer for the next ten years where he was responsible for set design, illustration, special FX, animation, promotional advertising, court room illustrations and developing broadcast technologies. In the latter years of employment with CTV, David started his own small company called Summit Studios. Summit Studios did very well. In 1993 David left CTV to focus exclusively on Summit Studios endeavors.

Today David Clendining-Summit Studios International is doing very well. Summit Studios works in all aspects of artistic creations. Primarily they do three things:
They design and fabricate museum displays, murals, sculptures, models, sets and FX all around Canada, the United States, parts of Europe and recently Asia. Founder’s Hall, PEI., Hopewell rocks, NB., Signal Hill, NFLD Military Museum Alta. Museum of Nature Ont. and the Smithsonian Institute Washington DC to mention a few.  We also design, carve and fabricate Bronze monuments such as all the bronze works along Canada’s Capital Confederation Boulevard, Gargoyles on Parliament Hill, the Garden of Provinces, Jaques Cariter Park, Christ’s Cathedral  and many more. Summit also designs and builds movie sets and FX for productions such as, Chasing Rainbows, Interview with the Vampire, Grey Owl, H20, 13th warrior and Decoys to mention just a few.

In summary, David Clendining has spent his life time thus far perusing and mastering a wide variety of artistic disciplines. He has been taught many things from many masters and in his turn has always passed this knowledge on. David has been a part time teacher for at least twenty years in colleges, schools and universities throughout Canada. He has taught at Confederation College Thunder Bay On., North Island High School BC, Algonquin College Ottawa ON.  University of Ottawa and is presently at the Ottawa School of Art.