Story of Thomas Dundas & Bunny

This article appeared in the Toronto Telegram in 1918. The photo shows Thomas Dundas riding Bunny. When the military requisitioned the horses, Thomas was one of five members of Toronto’s Mounted Unit who volunteered to accompany the eighteen horses overseas.  Thomas enlisted as a private in the 9th Canadian Field Artillery (CFA). His brother first rode Bunny until he was killed in action; Thomas took over.

After the war ended, Thomas returned to Toronto and was the most decorated Toronto police officer to serve in the war, winning the Military Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, and Mentioned in Dispatches.

Bunny served for the duration of the war. He was the only survivor of the 18 horses sent overseas, at the start of WW1, — sadly Bunny did not return home.

Toronto Police Museum & Discovery Centre. Photographer: Ann de Haas

This photo is of Dundas who closely resembles the original war horse Bunny.

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