Noah unveils his monument to the Forgotten Heroes

Noah Tremblay

July 1, 2012 — My name is Noah Tremblay I started to raise funds to put up monument in my home community of Bass River Nova Scotia in May 2011 for the animals who have served and still serving in the wars. I did this by going to different companies asking for help, selling tickets on baskets and selling lip balm.

Lloyd Swick was my inspiration because he taught me about the animals in war and the sacrifices they made. From this I wanted to learn more, so I started to research and decided to make it a goal of mine to help these animals get the honor they deserve and help the soldiers request come true.

I ended up raising $22,000 for the monument called Forgotten Heroes. I unveiled it July 1st, 2012 and had over 250 attend. I had over 12 handlers and dogs come and other people brought their dogs along. I also had a release of 35 pigeons for the grand finale.

It was a day I will not forget and it made me proud to be able to do this for the animals. I thank Mr.Swick and I am so happy that i got to know him and he is a man i will never forget either. He is a true animal lover like me.