Senator Yonah Martin

Senator Yonah Martin joins the Animals in War Dedication Committee to assist with sponsorship and to help create awareness for the project.

Lloyd and the Senator

“I am pleased to join Mr. Lloyd Swick and his team to help acknowledge the remarkable contribution made by millions of animals in our military conflicts.

I was deeply touched to learn about the millions of unsung heroes of our wars, from the Boer War, to World War 1, to the war in Afghanistan. They served in battle, saved lives, pulled ambulances, hauled heavy supplies, delivered messages, sniffed out bombs, and became loyal companions.

I was personally touched by the story of the stray dogs that befriended and comforted our soldiers defending the Korean hills – particularly as we head towards the 60th anniversary of the armistice of the Korean War in 2013.

The Animals in War Dedication, to be unveiled in Ottawa this fall, will be a long-awaited but fitting tribute to all the animals that served, suffered, and died alongside our Canadian soldiers.”

~ Senator Yonah Martin